Top KLR 650 Tires: What You Need to Buy in 2018

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The Effect of Good Road Tires

Don’t underestimate the value of having good motorcycle tires. They are the only contact with the road. Most expensive tires will last longer and fit better than inexpensive ones. Plus the rides will be better because of the superior compounds in the motorbike’s tread.

When inspecting your tires, look for small punctures within the motorcycle thread. Pieces of grit and tiny shards can embed themselves and work their way to the tube of the tire. To fix this, you can use a penknife to remove the shards from your motorbike carefully.

Having good road tires ensures that you’ll remain safe when traveling on your motorcycle. Having a motorbike with too much PSI can cause you to go off balance easily. Check the recommended bike pressure of your tires to enhance their performance and remain safe while on the road.

klr 650 tires

Fortunately, this guide will find the best tires related to the KLR 650. That being said, let’s start the review!

Kenda Taskmaster II

Featureskenda taskmaster II

  • Aggressive knobs for enhanced performance
  • Recommended for dual sport riders
  • Increased sidewall and bead construction for precise cornering
  • 6-ply carcass
  • D.O.T Approved


Up next is the Kenda Taskmaster II. One thing that makes these tires stand out is that they are DOT approved. This means that they are legally certified and are safe to use for bikers of all skill levels. It’s currently sold on Amazon at a price around $50.

The tires have good handling but don’t use them on the pavement because their knobs will burn down. On the other hand, use them off the road, and you’ll have no problem cutting through corners and being able to navigate through the course.

The only disadvantage is that they don’t have the same quality as more expensive tires placed on this list. But, it’s inexpensive price is it easier for you to replace it. Get this pair of tires if you want something that’s compatible in most off-road environments and is at an acceptable price range.

Michelin Commander


  • 90% Off Road, 10% On Road
  • Front & Rear Tires provide enhanced durability and grip
  • Great Traction in Off road environments
  • Tube Type tires
  • Recommended for desert riders


Michelin Commander is another great pair of tires that comes at an affordable price. They are known for having high-quality knobs within the well-rounded knobs placed on the side; meaning that its great for street handling. It’s now on Amazon at a price about $110.

Also, the wheels are good for driving off roads. For example, it’s known for doing well when handling sand, a skill that most dual sports tires tend to forget. We recommend using these wheels for added support for daily riding and increased function usage.

But, their main issue is its stiff composition. This makes it harder for users to mount them correctly on their rims. We recommend that you take your time when installing the tires and you’ll install them properly.

For its price, the Michelin Commander is a versatile pair of tires for most sporting activities. They/ have a reputation for lasting at least 5 years before recording and needing repairs. Buy this product if you want an all-purpose set of wheels that will help both casual and professional riders.

Avon Gripsters


  • 40% off-road, 60% on-road
  • Recommended for mid-range trail motorbikes
  • Used for dirt tracks and paved roads
  • Computer optimized, arrow pattern tires
  • Reliable and rugged on/off-roader


The gripsters are perfect for motorcyclists who want extra traction. If you’re planning on riding on tough surfaces, you’ll want sticky tires that can keep you stabilized. They are also good on wet surfaces as well. Buy it on Amazon today at a price around $40.

While they are more expensive than cheaper tires manufactured in Asia, they are known for their enhanced durability. They also tend to last for a long time; meaning that you don’t have to replace them in between professional races or casual riding constantly.

However, don’t place them in an intense off-road environment, as they’ll tend to slip off course. The Avon Gripsters are a great choice for a beginner rider who wants an all-purpose tire for daily usage.

If you want the best set of tires, we suggest buying the Kenda Taskmaster II. Not only do they have great traction when riding on off-road terrain. Also, they are DOT certified, making them safe to use. Try this set of wheels if you want to ride without worrying about the pressure rating while also having enough performance to ride on almost any terrain.

Which KLR 650 tires do you recommend?

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